Regardless of whether you’re a new PDI or ADI to the industry, or whether you’ve been around for a long time and just want some refresher training, you’ll find all the courses here which will help you with your skills and knowledge to enhance your ADI career. 

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SC/Part 3 Exam preparation

Everything you need to prepare both you and your learner for the Standards Check or Part 3 Exam. This course has a proven track record with very successful results.

Coaching 101

Coaching 101 is a solid introduction to the principles and practices of Coaching and helps you understand the differences between coaching, mentoring and instruction.

Conquering Anxiety and Stress

Learn how Stress and anxiety manifest themselves in you! Once we can recognise it, we can then learn to deal with it and take it down to manageable levels, allowing you to perform properly.

Driver Development

By working your way through the videos and modules, you'll learn advanced driving techniques which will help you on you Part two exam and beyond. Remove the "Suddenly" from your driving.


Most of the training courses are video based and cover everything you need to be successful . You can go at your own pace too.

Inside the training portal, you’ll find it’s packed with in-depth practical training and advice on all aspects of driving instructor skills, knowledge and techniques.

Everything here is proven, tried and tested that will help you become a better driving instructor.

It’s great for your CPD too.


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Who is the Client Centred Learning Membership Group For?

Anyone looking to up their game. whether that be preparing for your Part three Exam at the beginning of your career, or you are a seasoned veteran looking to develop your skills to become a trainer of ADI’s you will find what you are looking for in the membership package.

As well as the online content, you also gain access to discounts on practical training, either in car one to one (subject to restrictions on distance) or Zoom online training sessions.

I can assess recorded video of you delivering lessons too, a methodology developed during lockdown, which proved very useful and successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

It has been developed to suit ADI/PDIs at all levels of experience. If for some reason you sign up, and then feel it is not right for you, then you can have your money back.

Yes, there is no minimum length of time you must remain a member. You can sign up today and cancel tomorrow.

100% you can. In fact, a lot of the videos and modules have specifically been created for PDI’s.

Your membership is payable on a monthly subscription and is taken out by the industry standard payment provider such as Stripe or PayPal. We can guarantee that your details will remain secure.

We do not like spam either! You can, if you wish, sign up for notifications of when workshops come to your location, but we will never use your email for any other purpose, nor will we sell it to anyone else.

Checkout These Reviews

I have known Bob Morton for seven years having first come across him when he was running an LDC induction course for new ADI franchisees. He has always struck me as friendly, approachable, and willing to answer any question no matter how daft they might be; 'no such thing as a stupid question' says Bob. And he means it! Bob is a genuine guru when it comes to driver training. He is the font of most, if not all, knowledge for anything relating to ADI's and driver training. One look at the seemingly endless rows of awards and certificates, in the head office training room, shows that he has put as much effort into his own professional development as he puts into encouraging and helping us to develop ourselves. Over the years I have spoken to Bob on numerous occasions (in his capacity of LDC head of Instructor Development) and I have never heard a complaint or even hint that his first priority isn't about the ADI's in his charge. Recently I have completed an Award in Education and Training with Bob (got the certificate today) and throughout the process I was impressed by the time and effort he put in into keeping me on track and moving forward to a successful result. Bob's courses are always well planned with sufficient support, resources and materials to make learning a pleasure (never thought I would ever say that as I hated school and was out the door as soon as they would let me go)! Bob is not just a training machine; he is also humorous, helpful and reliable and if he tell you he will do something you can bank on it happening. In summary If you want to find a trainer mentor, coach or instructor, who has his heart and soul in the job then Bob Morton is your man and I would not hesitate to recommend him to fellow instructors.
Graham Tuffey
Not sure if I'm going to fluke myself with this email but thought I would let you know my driving test results (since the coaching course) Since the course I've done 12 tests, 1 fail, 11 passes of which 8 where 1st time passes Previous 12 tests before course, 6 fail, 6 passes 4 of which where 1st time passes I may be just having a good run and perhaps a bad run before but what I feel is that pupils are making more decisions and not reliant on me for answers all the time as they answer the questions given time ! So in turn when they come to test they don't feel in an alien situation knowing the examiner isn't going to help and they are confident their decision is right! I shall see how the following tests go but feel my Q&A has come on a treat I would just also like to add you made learning enjoyable and answered all my questions, and the in car training really made me think and improve
Jilly Thomas
Firstly I would like to thank Bob for giving me the tools, knowledge, experience and self belief to be able to pass my ORDIT Tutors Assessment. Bob's attitude is second to none, he always saw the best in me and brought it out in a way I didn't even notice. He is professional in every way has a wealth of knowledge and experience which was invaluable in the process. At first I felt a little apprehensive as I only have a couple of years experience but Bob always puts the learner at the centre of the process. I was also a not sure whether what Bob was suggesting would work however he demonstrated how things might and persuaded me to give it a go. The client centred approach absolutely worked and I had an amazing amount of positive feedback from my examiner. The LD course materials were really good and pitched at the right level as was the level of training. Bob is simply a great bloke and a fantastic trainer and mentor and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to become anything at any level of driver training. Thank you so much for the support and I'm looking forward to working with you on the next part of my journey. Thank John
John Phillipson
ADI Trainer
I found the course informative in parts and in others it made me look at myself and how I was progressing professionally. I am referring to the 'learning progression'. When I first read this sheet, I thought 'what?'. I had no idea how I intended to move forward. I had become stagnant. As the course progressed and I spoke about my concerns to Bob, I enrolled on a day course for Hypnotherapy in order to teach nervous drivers. However, I did not feel that this course was right for me. So I went back to Bob and we spoke at length about what I did enjoy and I have decided to enrol on the PTLLS course when that becomes available and also to train as a fleet instructor when that becomes available too. I feel that my coaching skills are still in the early stages and that training as a fleet instructor will help me to develop them. I would not have considered any of this without the help and the support of Bob, as I was not motivated to find out about any of the information in regards to funding, nor had I considered coaching as opposed to instructing pupils. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was short and manageable and fitted in nicely with my pupils. I am looking forward to the next one and the one after that.
Julie roberts