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Home study Standards check - Part 3 exam course

Methods and information contained have a proven record of success and have helped many trainers gain accreditation on ORDIT as well as helping over 3,000 new instructors fulfil their dreams of becoming an ADI.

You will not only learn about the criteria by which you will be assessed, but more importantly you will learn how to develop a performance mindset and develop strategies that will enhance your everyday lessons for both you and your learners.

You will develop simple strategies that will enable you to structure lessons to display your competencies simply yet properly,  gain the knowledge and understanding of how the competencies will be marked and develop confidence that you are doing the things that will help you to get the pass mark you seek.

The course looks at areas often forgotten about in terms of preparing thoroughly, like developing yourself and your pupil both physically and mentally for the situation.


Home study - Coaching 101

This course is for anyone with an interest in developing a modern coaching approach that works in the real world as well as on ORDIT, Fleet assessments, Standards Check and Part Three assessments.

The aim of the course is to help you to develop real world coaching skills that enhance your existing service offering without the need to re-invent who you are and what you do.

The changes will be manageable so that it happens over time rather than trying to change everything at once. I have worked with many ADIs and PDIs who have attempted to make the changes to become a coach and the story was always the same, it starts well, but sustaining the change is difficult. My journey into coaching (way back when) was fraught with the same difficulties and I managed to find ways of working that meant I could sustain the changes.


This course content is me sharing what I have learned along the way.

Bob Morton ORDIT

Home study - Managing Anxiety and Stress

A course designed to help you develop a performance mindset and have the real you turn up when needed!


Home study - Driver Development

Develop a way of driving that removes the "suddenly" from your journeys.

Become the best driver it is possible for you to be by learning advanced road reading and planning skills.

It is also important to use this time to develop your commentary driving which will aid you greatly when it comes to developing part three skills. this is explained in the video below.