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The role of the ADI
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The role of the ADI?

The role of the ADI

In this segment we will look briefly at how all three parts of the qualifying process contribute to the work of an ADI and how you can use each part to develop the necessary skills needed as an ADI. We do not wish to lose opportunities to develop whilst studying for, or helping others prepare for the Part one exam, this is not dead time!

The video below gives a short description of the Role of an ADI. Linking to all three parts of the qualifying process. This should help new PDIs understand what the three parts are all about, it should also serve as a resource for trainers to help their PDIs develop meaningful short, medium and long terms goals. PDIs should be encouraged to identify for themselves the knowledge skills and understanding they need and therefore put together their own programme of events and develop meaningful goals..

If the trainer has created the right learning environment this should be fairly straight forward, but, there may be barriers in place still, so there may be a need for input (suggestions) from the trainer at this early stage.

I would venture the opinion that if all was conducted well on your first session as a new trainee or your first session as a trainer with a PDI then it should be sufficient to ask a simple question such as, in light of watching the video do you feel you have discovered there are new skills knowledge and understanding that you will need to develop?

If there are still barriers in place to the PDI determining goals and onward steps then I would suggest this could perhaps be led by the trainer and come in the form of questions such as, do you think you need to be patient? do you think your driving needs to be at a high standard? In this way we can help the PDI really think about the journey ahead and how to plan it.

I have tried to demonstrate this concept in the video below

The role of the ADI