The system of vehicle control

What is The system of vehicle control?


IPSGA is a way of planning your driving or riding that is methodical, safe and smooth. IPSGA stands for Information, Positioning, Speed, Gear and Acceleration. These five phases are explained below:


By constantly Taking, Using and Giving (TUG) information you become in tune with your constantly changing surroundings and this combined with the rest of the system means you are able to use that information to make better informed decisions in good time.


Are you in the best place to see and be seen and to use what you can see? Changing where you drive or ride on the road can add valuable seconds to your decision-making time and the distance you can see to stop in. Correct positioning based on the changing information around you, gives you more information; more information gives you more options.


Good information and positioning will remove the “suddenly” from your driving or riding and will also allow you to make the best progress in any conditions. Anybody can travel fast in a straight line. The system will teach you to carry the correct speed through bends. In traffic, it will allow you to use planned speed to greater effect for safer, smoother overtaking.


Understanding where you are on the road, what is ahead and planning your ride, will help you to be in the correct gear for the current and ongoing changes in circumstances in good time, providing you with options. The system will stop you fumbling for the right gear, which could contribute to a missed overtake, going into a corner badly and improving your braking distance. Using more information gives more time, allowing you to plan your riding and be in control of your machine.


The modern car or motorcycle has many benefits over vehicles of the past quicker acceleration, better suspension and handling. Using the above components of the system will enable you to enjoy these benefits. The system teaches you when to use these advantages to best effect and when to cool it in certain situations.

Having a systematic approach to driving and riding makes the ride more fun!