Part one preparation

Part One preparation

If we wish to have engaged coachees, we must start as we mean to go on. Many training companies and many trainers give the PDI (potential driving instructor) theory materials, explain how they work and then say, ring me when you have passed, and we will start your part two training. Some companies/trainers will conduct a driving assessment at this point with a view to giving the PDI a list of faults/things to work on while they study for Part One. This places the coachee almost totally in passive mode and creates a hierarchy, which really is not helpful in terms of them becoming empowered.

This is an area where we have a huge opportunity to have the PDI own their own process. By showing them how relevant this part one exam is, especially hazard perception (the bit they all hate and get stuck with)

The “role of the ADI” video


This video should show them (and you) how we can use hazard perception test to develop a plethora of useful real-world driving, intervention for safety and coaching skills. It also enables them, through their coaching conversations with you to become fully empowered and engaged in their own development programme. Setting their own goals and developing their own self development plans, ultimately raising their levels of self-efficacy and their belief in themselves to direct their own training going forward. They no longer become stuck at the hazard perception stage, and we utilise a unique opportunity to gain buy in and empowerment of the individual – a rare prize. This is an opportunity that really must not be missed.