ORDIT or not?

The official register for instructor training (ORDIT) has for some years been seen by the industry as the pinnacle. I am proud of my ORDIT badge and what it represents, however, in the last couple of years it has lost its appeal. They are not the arbiters of quality they were, and I personally feel they have lowered standards by allowing training organisation such as Smartdriving on to the register. they do have some quality trainers, but their training package does not contain practical training, it is an online package. the PDI is granted training if they complete part one in 4 months and have passed part one by 5 months. this, I personally feel, is sharp practice and should be stamped out by a governing body such as ORDIT.

Most members of the general public are not aware of ORDIT, and the big players in the game are moving away from advertising it.

The choice of whether to go for the assessment and go on the ORDI register is entirely yours. The register is voluntary and so you do not need to be on it to train PDIs. All you need is a good reputation and methodologies that will enhance it. Role play is hated by PDIs and your PDIs will be passing the message on to others on the myriad of Facebook and WhatsApp groups out there, that training with you is a pain free and fulfilling experience.

As we progress, we will cover ORDIT and how to achieve it, so the decision to go for the assessment and joining the register is yours at the end of the day.