Getting the most from the programme

It is vitally important to get the most from this training that you complete the preparation listed below.

You will need to be able to give expert advice on all things ADI, so you must develop your knowledge of the qualifying process and the onward training options available to your PDIs.



Reading these publications will give you the in-depth knowledge of the qualification processes you will be assisting your PDIs through. It is vital that you have this knowledge and understanding so you can better give advice and assist your PDIs on the path to becoming a quality ADI.

It will also refresh your knowledge and understanding of the process and the skills required and give you time to reflect on your current skills and knowledge.




Familiarise yourself with




  • Commentary driving
  • Building rapport
  • Breaking down barriers
  • Developing client centred lesson goals and plans
  • Talk through skills
  • Questioning (to gain understanding)
  • Active listening



As a tutor, whilst we hope to avoid having to do it, you may occasionally be required to demonstrate briefing, talk through and commentary skills to your coachee. It is therefore important that you are able to do this to an extremely high standard. Your briefs need to contain all the relevant information, which means telling them what they need to know, not reciting everything that you know. Your briefs also need to be short (2-3 minutes max). Think about how much information is actually required to complete the task at a basic level.