Did the trainer maintain an appropriate, non-discriminatory manner throughout the session?

Did the trainer maintain an appropriate, non-discriminatory manner throughout the session?

You should maintain an atmosphere in which your pupil feels comfortable to express their opinions. You should create an open, friendly environment for learning, regardless of the pupil’s age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, religion, physical abilities or any other irrelevant factor. This implies active respect for the pupil, their values and what constitutes appropriate behaviour in their culture.

You must not display inappropriate attitudes or behaviours towards other road users and should challenge your pupil if they display these behaviours.

Indications that all the elements of competence are in place could include:

  • keeping a respectful distance and not invading your pupil’s personal space
  • asking your pupil how they wish to be addressed
  • asking a disabled driver to explain what you need to know about their condition
  • adopting an appropriate position in the car
  • using language about other road users that is not derogatory and that does not invite your pupil to collude with any discriminatory attitude

Indications of lack of competence include:

  • invading somebody’s physical space
  • touching your pupil, including trying to shake hands, unless it is necessary for safety reasons
  • using somebody’s first name unless they have said that this is acceptable
  • commenting on your pupil’s appearance or any other personal attribute unless it has a direct impact on their ability to drive safely, such as wearing shoes that make it difficult for them to operate the vehicle’s pedals

This is a very straightforward one, were you the consummate professional during the session. Obviously there is no room for any of the things protected in the discrimination act of 2010, namely Age, Disability, Gender Reassignment, Marriage & Civil Partnership, Pregnancy & Maternity, Race, Religion or Belief, or Sexual Orientation, this is not 1970.

You also need to ensure that everything you did was geared to the pupils goals and needs and did you conduct yourself professionally. Examples on behaving in a non professional manner (and yes these really do happen on standards checks and part three exams) Shouting at other road users, using bad language, making derogatory remarks (whether joking or not) about taxi drivers, Volvo drivers, BMW drivers, women drivers, old drivers, Asian drivers etc are simply not allowed.

It is also important that in this day and age we behave in a manner deemed professional. These people are paying customers and not your friends therefore it is not acceptable to be over familiar with your learners calling them “mate” “babe” or “flower” etc. By the same token it is not acceptable to be discussion things outside of driving instruction such as their or your relationship.

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