Were the practice areas suitable?

Were the practice areas suitable?

You should use an area or route that allows your pupil to practice safely and helps them to achieve their goals. It should provide some stretch and challenge, but without taking them out of their competence zone. You need to try wherever possible to have locations that allow you to practice just on the new subject. If there are things you need to offer extra help to the pupil then the location chosen isn’t ideal (this might be necessary, but keep looking for better locations)

There may also be a need to link to areas where you can either progress or regress the lesson should the need arise as a result of the regular reviews you will undertake as part of the chunking methodology.

Indications that all the elements of competence are in place could include choosing a practice area / route that provides:

  • a range of opportunities to address the agreed learning objectives
  • challenges, but is realistic in terms of your pupil’s capabilities and confidence

Indications of lack of competence include taking your pupil into an area that:

  • takes your pupil outside of their competence zone – so that they spend all their time ‘surviving’ and have no space left to look at learning issues
  • exposes your pupil to risks they cannot manage

I would advise planning a route/location that allows us (hopefully with good planning) to work only on what the subject matter is. The route would need to match the level of current ability of the learner, perhaps pushing them just slightly out of their comfort zone. We must balance between challenge and current ability. If the challenge is too high and their current ability is low they can become stressed, if their ability is high and the challenge is low they can become bored and disinterested and either way would mean they will under perform.

If for example it is a roundabouts lesson agreed it would be preferable to not have things on the route such as traffic lights or pedestrian crossings. I want to focus a short burst of activity on the subject matter that will allow us to then reflect and review and put together an onward plan that would be agreed (was the lesson plan adapted) which might mean more/less help or more/less of a challenge.

I would also want to have an area where there are places close by to either escalate or reduce the challenge should the need arise, or indeed move to the next subject, or take a remedial step should that be required.

Was the lesson plan adapted, when appropriate, to help the pupil work towards their learning goals?

So it isn’t really about the route, its more about what you do with it, this is why you can have found the perfect location and score a 1 or 2, because you didn’t use it well enough.

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