Did the trainer identify the pupils goals and needs?

Did the trainer identify the pupil’s learning goals and needs?

As you deliver the lesson the examiner is looking for indications that the elements, which go to make up the low-level competence, are being demonstrated. In this case the sorts of things that would give an indication of competence include:

  • encouraging your pupil to say what they want from the lesson
  • asking questions to ensure understanding
  • Checking understanding as the lesson progresses
  • listening to what your pupil is saying
  • taking note of body language

If you encourage your pupil to say what they want, ask questions to Check understanding at the beginning and as the lesson progresses, listen to what your pupil is saying and also pick up on body language you are likely to get a 3. If, on the other hand, you do all the listening bits but fail to spot your learner getting very tense and nervous in a particular situation you would probably get a 2. This would show the examiner that you have demonstrated your understanding of the need to listen etc. but have not yet developed your ability to spot non-verbal clues. Indications of a lack of competence could include:

  • making assumptions about understanding or experience
  • failing to note negative or concerned comments or body language that shows discomfort
  • undermining your pupil’s confidence by continually asking questions clearly beyond their knowledge or understanding
  • pushing your pupil to address issues that they are not happy to talk about, unless there is a clear need, such as an identified risk or a safety critical issue

So to meet this criteria, agree a plan with the pupil, you should input if you think it is unreasonable or unrealistic and help them come up with a different plan (the reality phase of the GROW model) remember whilst we really do wish to be client centred, this does not mean client led if they are expecting too much.

It is vitally important that the learner has input here, just stating you are going to do x, y or z does not show competence and you will score a 1 at best.

It may be as simple as stating, we agreed at the end of the last lesson today we would work on x, y or z, are you still ok with that?

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