Which pupil should I take?

Choice of pupil

Your choice of pupil may be limited to just one – the one who is available at the time of your Standards Check. However, if you do have a choice of pupils here are a few things you should consider choosing someone:

  1. who is responsive to you and with whom you have a good rapport.
  2. who is actively involved in the lesson planning and goal setting and who is happy to engage in the same.
  3. who responds well to the conversations you will have to structure onward activities following regular reviews
  4. who is used to the regular performance review process.

You should try to avoid selecting someone

  1. who grunts or shrugs their shoulders
  2. who never has any idea what they want to do or how to go about it
  3. who doesn’t respond to the conversational methodology
  4. who takes no active part in, or has no idea how to reflect and review
  5. who is liable to crumble under the extra pressure

Where possible have a ‘back up’ pupil in case you are let down.

Remember you do not have to take a learner; you can take a pupil of any ability including PDIs provided they have not passed the ADI Part 2 test.

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