Limit point

Advanced drivers and riders use a technique called ‘limit point analysis’ to assess a bend whilst on the approach to it. It is common for drivers to end up braking as they enter a bend because they mis-judged it. This is bad practice as it destabilises the vehicle making it more likely to lose traction. To help us we use ‘limit point analysis’. The limit point is the farthest point along a road to which you have a clear and uninterrupted view of the road surface (the point along the road where both sides of the carriageway appear to meet in a point).

To use this technique you should be asking yourself as you approach a bend, “is the limit point coming closer?” If it is then begin to reduce your speed on the straight until the point where your speed and the speed at which the limit point appears to move are the same. On every bend the final bit of analysis is when the limit point begins to move away from you and your view opens up. This is the point you can begin to accelerate away from the bend, it is not safe to accelerate before this point.