5. Be present

From: facilethings.com

Being present means fully enjoying the moment that you are in. It is the moment when you are calm and you know exactly what you want. You are focused on what you’re doing without thinking about anything else. That’s when life is more real. For how long have you not been present, living the moment you’re in, feeling the now completely?

In this fast paced world we live in, where everything happens so fast and everything becomes obsolete so quickly, most of us have forgotten to be present, to fully enjoy the moment. We have lost the ability to pay attention to what is really important.

This is a serious problem. Without this ability it’s quite difficult to enjoy life and be happy. Without this ability, our relationships with others are in danger. There are few things more hateful than to talk to someone who is not really listening.

Companies like Google and Facebook offer their employees courses on mindfulness, meditation and various breathing techniques so they can re-learn to pay attention to the moment they’re in. People who are able to focus their attention on “the now” are more flexible, can easily overcome workday stress and restore order after a chaotic situation, enjoy getting things done, make better decisions, have better relationships, and produce more.