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  1. Karen Allen says:

    Hi Bob, today I was giving my pupil the opportunity to tidy up her defensive driving (safety bubble) in relation to parked cars and oncoming traffic. The result was so much better than in the previous lesson however, when she felt pressured by other drivers, she stalled every time she tried to move off. She asked me to find some situations where she could practise moving off with the pressure of following and turning traffic, stating quite clearly that it was no longer about parked cars and that she needed some trickier junctions. She wanted to up the ante. My mind started working on a route but, as we approached a road on the right, I realised the experience she needed wasn’t in a “set route” but in the unexpected. We took the road on the right and straight away it led to a situation in which she stalled and we pulled over for a chat. The set up had been perfect but unintentional. We talked about that and reaffirmed her strategies from our last little chat and then we went wherever the road took us. It gave us opportunity after opportunity to move away under pressure and you know what? She had no more problems with it! That is, until the last junction before her house and, knowing what it’s like, she sabotaged herself by saying, “This is going to be fun (not).” Next time she’s going to find some different words to describe that junction . All that to say yes, I agree, it’s not all about routes, it’s about seeing the multifaceted potential in every road and every junction and using them to set up experiences that meet the learner’s needs.

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