Becoming a Driving instructor

Below is the link the official information from the governing body, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) who conduct the exams.

So, if you have held your licence for more than three and a half years, it is reasonably clean (three points or less) you can become a driving instructor.

Three exams to sit:

Part one: A test of your theoretical knowledge of driving matters, driving law and instructional techniques. you will also have to pass a hazard perception test.

Part two: A test of your driving ability. The DVSA describe it as an advanced test and that they are looking for a high standard. You need to fit in with your surroundings and act appropriately to keep yourself and those around you completely safe.

Part three: A test of your ability to help learners learn. Unlike tests of old, you need to demonstrate your ability to help another takes ownership of their learning processes and put together meaningful sessions to help them develop as safe drivers.

You must also demonstrate that you are able to create a safe environment for this to take place in, again keeping everyone inside and outside of the car safe.

Trainee licence: after you have passed the second exam, and following the requisite training, you are able to take advantage of the Trainee Licence scheme. This gives you a licence to teach and the ability to charge for those lessons. The main aim of the licence is to develop the skills required for the final test. It must be kept in mind that whilst you can earn while you learn, it is the learning that is paramount and not the earning.

We can help you to utilise this and can sponsor you on such a licence provided you meet all the criteria. There are pros and cons to any training methodology, and we will go through each of these in detail before you must make the decision about which path you will follow.

Some information below about the role of an ADI